Bishop Putta

All the power and glory


On the opposite side of the Isle from Abbess Bronwyn, Bishop Putta is nearly her opposite in every respect. This man holds power over the city of Hereford, and has sway in all the region. He dominates the weak, toothless “king”, whose only function is as his puppet. Putta has a few enemies, but he is better as cowing people into his service. He has also begun a very healthy trade in “holy relics”. His form of religious justice is settling each dispute in favor of the highest bidder. As a result of these two things, his cathedral and the Hereford Abbeys are some of the most lavish in all the land.

Some claim his ambitions have over-reached Hereford, and that he sent the nun Deiniol to Bangor as “missionary” and spy.


Bishop Putta

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