Pious, quiet, but subtly powerful


Queen Cryda is the younger half-sister of Osric the Holy. Orphaned at a young age, Osric sen her to spend the majority of her formative years cloistered in an Abbey just outside Bath. As a young woman, she spent many years devoted to study of the scriptures. She is also exceptionally well-acquainted with world history (such as it is) and knows a great deal about previous kingdoms, rulers and invaders.

However, being raised in an Abbey taught her something else: political hierarchy. Cryda is very skilled with subtle manipulation. It is often said that the ear of the Queen does more good than an audience with the King. A small display of piety goes a long way toward getting the favor of this devout woman.

Blessed with health, she has had all four of her children live to adulthood. Being the first wife of King Penda, she has had very little reason for unease. The King constantly professes his devotion and love for her. Her one woe is that her favorite child, Eowa, is rumored to dabble in witchcraft.


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