She may seem demure, but her charisma and fervor are not to be trifled with.


As the illegitimate daughter of an unnamed noble, Deiniol was vouchsafed to a convent through the political dealing of Bishop Putta. Very bright and headstrong, she rapidly latched onto the doctrines and ceremonies of the church. To her, the church was the only way, superior to all others. Obstinately, Deiniol studied the pagan religions, with the intention of learning their flaws. But she refused to study history, saying that God had no time for man and his petty dealings.

She is now seen as a great deliverer, driving darkness and superstition from the country. She recently worked her way into Bangor. While her reception with the local nobility was frosty, at best, she has won her way into many of the peasants’ hearts. Her message of a warm, loving, protective god is far better than any offer they have yet received. In addition, her feisty spirit has gotten in her many fighting situations. Her prowess in a fistfight is rumored to be extraordinary.


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