Osric the Holy

A crusader in his homeland.


Osric the Holy is a powerful ruler. It was through his leadership that Exeter conquered the peninsula of Cornwall. His father was a cruel, hard ruler. Because of this, Osric turned to the quiet, steady justice of religious teachings. It was rumored, when he was a lad, that Osric would abdicate the throne to become a monk. Indeed, the Romans left many texts and churches for pious pursuits in the area, and Osric did consider joining one of the orders.

But when his father perished in Cornwall fighting the devoted followers of pagan gods, Osric felt called to a new, more pressing duty. It fell to him to teach the entire island about the one true god. After Cornwall fell, he realized that the pen can be mightier than the sword, and instead of using wars to advance his religion, he has opened some of the greatest centers of learning in the south of the isle. This tactic has proved vastly successful and some of the most learned scholars of the age were educated in his religious schools.


Osric the Holy

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