Penda the Benevolent

Never enough time for wine, women, and song


Penda the Benevolent, son of Pybba the Powerful, rules over Mercia.

Pybba held the country with an iron fist, jealously guarding the borders he had worked so hard to establish. His son is most content to sit his throne with no further aims at conquest. Even though he occasionally dons his armor to patrol the land with a cadre of knights, this show is entirely for morale-building purposes. In reality, Penda has fought only a few battles, and none for decades.

He loudly espouses the views of King Arthur, claiming a desire to unite the isle. He also pursues justice, whenever possible. And though he maybe described as indolent, Penda is never cruel or capricious to his subjects. There are rumors of attacks along the border of Hereford, particularly by the river Severn. These rumors are always treated as outlandish, however, because the attackers are always described as evil spirits. While somewhat superstitious, and always having a soothe sayer in his court, Penda does not believe in faerie folk.

He enjoys the expansiveness of his kingdom by encouraging revelry, feasts and the pursuit of culture. Penda is a great patron of mummers and bards. More than anything, he loves to bend his ear to a well-told story.

He has four children with his queen, Cryda: Penda, Offa, Eowa and Wermund. These four are quarrelsome and restless. They hear their fathers words of conquest, and are deeply desirous of bringing the entire isle into submission.

Penda the Benevolent

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