Never turn your back on him.


As ruler of the smallest, most isolated kingdom on the island, Rhodri might have the right to be slightly paranoid. He was the the nephew of the previous ruler, and only through a disturbing series of “unrelated” deaths did he ascend to power. He is backed by his fiercely loyal younger brother who commands the local garrison of highly trained knights and warriors. It is through this careful combination of power that he holds sway.

Outsiders are treated with the most practiced courtesy. Only when a person is seen as a valuable potential alliance are they granted Rhodri’s ear. He has an ailing wife, and two young children, making his grasp on power even more feeble. He will do anything to solidify his stance. Those who can bolster his power are treated as honored guests. No matter how well treated though, it is always best to watch one’s back. There are rumors of more than a few guests reaching untimely ends in the kingdom of Bangor.



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