Power does not begin to describe it...


No one has ever been able to determine Wenda’s age. In appearance, she is a woman just past her twenty-fifth name day. But she has outlived dozens upon dozens of pupils. This is just one of the many reasons she can claim to be the student of Morgan Le Fey.

Wenda is skilled in the art of brewing potions, casting spells, writing enchantments, and creating magical objects. She teaches all of these things to her students, wrapped in the awe and worship of Dea Matrona as the source of all power. Wenda has a personal affinity for destruction and chaos. She claims these were all teachings handed down to her by Morgana.

Her powerful magnetism, though in direct defiance of the established powers of Hereford, Bath, Mercia and Durham, has been allowed to continue almost strictly out of fear. No one has ever challenged her, and almost all are too afraid to try.



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