Wermund the Bold

The boldest, hottest-tempered man in the land


Always desiring to please his father, Wermund trained as a fighter and has become widely known as one of the greatest warriors in the kingdom. His prowess with a battle-ax (the preferred weapon of his father) is the stuff of legend. However, contrary to his aims, he is not the favorite of his father or Queen Cryda.

His main goal in life is to renew the crusade for expanding the country. Wermund has an elite force of powerful knights, the Order of Lancelot (named for that famed knight of the round table), who sweep the countryside attempting to quell any attackers. He is slowly inching the boundaries of the country further out, without the knowledge or consent of his father.

His temper is as quick and powerful as his ax, and Wermund has many enemies, both in Sheffield and around the country. He pledges loyalty to the cult of Aeron, and can frequently be found at on of the god’s many shrines around the country.

Wermund the Bold

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