This area is ruled by Rhodri, a descendant of the Irish clans that pushed into this part of the country as soon as the Romans left. His family are a secretive people. The city of Bangor is home to a mighty, ostentatious cathedral. But there is little religious fervor in the area. A nun named Deiniol has come to the area and is desperately trying to lead the city in revival. Paranoid as ever Rhodri has begun to make threats toward the zealous nun.

This rocky area has numerous plateaus and peaks that jut up from the land. The sea often meets the shore at jutting cliffs. The local inhabitants have a paranoid, suspicious nature about water, and tend to spend more of their time inland, quietly pursuing farming.

There are many caves in the region, said to be home to dragons. The Tale of Sir Gawain, a knight of the Round Table, claims that he died trying to defeat a dragon that was plaguing the countryside.


  • Bangor


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