This is a land of dense, ancient forests. While a few Roman settlements dot the coasts, the areas away from civilization are shrouded in mystery. Few go through the forest willingly. Some of the bravest travelers claim that they have stumbled upon lairs of hideously evil creatures in the forests there. Only a few roads are well-traveled enough to be deemed safe.

There is no centralized government for the region, as the main cities, Dover and Southampton are incredibly independent and mildly xenophobic, respectively. The religious views of the area’s inhabitants are whatever superstitions they believe will protect them from the evils in the forest.

However, it has also been said that this forest was not always as pervasive and wide-spread as it is today. The oldest bards tell tales of this forest swallowing up Camelot on the day of Arthur’s demise. While this story is often repeated, only a few have tried to verify it. They are not heard from again.



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